Author: Pete Loughlin

This month, State of Flux, the London based procurement and supply chain consultancy, has launched its fourth annual Global SRM Survey 2012 which is, for the first time, divided into two areas: a buy-side survey to validate the procurement and supply chain perspective and a sell-side survey that captures the account team perspective of SRM. The new approach should provide one of the fairest reviews to date of both the supplier and the customer experiences of current SRM globally.

Many suppliers will offer a discount for early payment. The decision to accept the discount is normally based on two factors. Are you in a position to pay the invoice early? (i.e. are your purchase to pay processes efficient enough to do so) and secondly, the size of the discount. What is not normally considered is arguably the most important factor of all – the mitigation of risk.

A meeting is not what you do. It is the forum in which you do something. You discuss problems in order to develop a plan to resolve them. You provide updates on progress of a project in order to gain approval to move to the next stage. You may sell your product or buy a product. These are the things you do in a meeting. If you have a busy day coming up, preparing an important presentation and responding to lots of emails, you wouldn’t say “I’ve got to use the computer a lot today” – you just wouldn’t. So why do people say “I have lots of meetings today”? So I’ve banned the word meeting. I want to remain focused on the purpose of any meeting rather than the meeting itself and I want my staff and colleagues to do likewise. And next, I’m going to ban the word “data”.