Tradeshift – the proof of the e-invoicing pudding

Tradeshift – the proof of the e-invoicing pudding

The problem with start-ups is they’re start-ups. For large organizations, it’s a difficult choice to go with a relatively new business even if their business model stacks up, which makes securing new business doubly difficult. And it makes the early years of a start-up the most challenging. Investors and industry observers know this and slow growth and moderate sales figures are expected but even with a great proposition, world class marketing and favourable write-ups from bloggers and analysts, there comes a point when the business model needs proving. We need to taste the pudding. Which is why we’re delighted to see the latest announcement from Tradeshift.

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The proof of the e-invoicing pudding

Today, they have announced that a leading global science-based enterprise has become one of the latest companies to select TRADESHIFT . Tradeshift, who now have a valid claim to be the fastest growing, global B2B network and certainly among the industry leader in supplier on-boarding, will be used to roll-out an all-inclusive e-invoicing solution to the company’s 36,000 global suppliers with an invoice volume of over 600,000 per year.

Christian Lanng, CEO and cofounder of TRADESHIFT commenting on this significant win said: “E-invoicing has always promised so much to large global enterprises but has consistently failed to deliver. Major deals like this show that our proposition really stands up. By turning the industry on its head, we make it so easy for suppliers to get on board that they sign-up in significant numbers. This is a win-win situation for buyer and supplier alike and has a bottom line impact with significant cost reduction caused by efficiencies and streamlined processes.

“Invoicing costs businesses of all sizes in terms of time and money. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Not only does TRADESHIFT make it more attractive for suppliers to use e-invoicing, the unique features in the platform make the entire process easier and faster for everyone involved.”

This is a substantial win for Tradeshift and goes a long way to proving their position as a serious e-invoicing player.

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