e-invoicing – global survey results to be previewed at EXPP

e-invoicing – global survey results to be previewed at EXPP

This is the year for e-invoicing. It’s been said every year for the last decade at least. But what’s the reality?

If you refer to marketing texts you’ll find that the innovators and the early adopters make up something like 15% of the market. You don’t get to see mass adoption of a disruptive technology until the early majority start to take a new idea on board, but once it does, we see a the tipping point. There’s no going back and the world changes. And for the last 10 years the tipping point for e-invoicing has been just around the corner. Is this year any different?

Purchasing Insight logoThere hasn’t been that much independent research to support these claims over the years and indeed, much that did exist has been either local to a particular market or generated by the vendors who, although well meaning, will always have an optimistic interpretation to share. Which is why Purchasing Insight got together with Paystream Advisors to conduct some primary research on a global basis to understand what is really happening.

I’ll be honest. When we embarked on this research, I was not optimistic. I didn’t think we’d find anything meaningful. How wrong was I? We had a fantastic response. Hundreds of organization representing all corners of the globe responded and shared facts about what they have achieved and what they aspire to achieve in the future. The data is still very fresh but the initial analysis is very revealing. It confirms some things that anyone who takes even a passing interest would have predicted but it is also revealing some things we would never have guessed. So I’m really looking forward  to sharing  some of these results at a special preview presentation at EXPP in Berlin next month.

I’m not going to steal my own thunder now – to see the preview results, you’ll need to attend EXPP or wait a few short weeks for the report to be published October time.

And the winner is …

Some of you may remember that a brand new shiny iPad was promised for one of the survey respondents. We’re delighted to share the news that  Lee Towers from Nottingham University is now the lucky owner of a retina display enabled Apple tablet. Well done Lee and thank you to all those who have contributed to the survey.

P.S. Watch this space for details of some free tickets to EXPP

Pete Loughlin can be found on twitter @peteloughlin

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