Author: Pete Loughlin

We work with many purchase to pay solution providers and they’re quite a mixed bunch when it comes to practicing what they preach. I won’t name and shame. One business, very well-known and respected that advocates prompt payment is the worst payer of its own suppliers I have ever come across. Another, offering a very slick P2P solution has the least impressive P2P processes themselves.

This kind of corporate hypocrisy (a bit harsh, I know) is not uncommon but I don't think it makes a solution provider a bad company just because they don’t always take their own medicine. What is impressive however is a company – perhaps not best known as a P2P solution provider – that has the best reference site you could wish for – themselves.

e-procurement only works for stationery, IT consumables and other, simple indirect categories. It's a generalisation but one that broadly reflects the truth. The cases where e-procurement has effectively penetrated further into a business than indirect categories are the exceptions rather than the rule but it is gratifying to see that this situation is changing and I've had my eyes opened in the last 12 months when visiting organisations who have successfully taken P2P to the next level