How to build a business case part 4 – presenting the business case

How to build a business case – part 3

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A complete package

The business case package needs to tell a story – the background; the issues; the urgency; the solution; the competitive or commercial landscape; the legal imperative; the compelling opportunity – whatever is relevant to build an engaging and relevant story.

Business case assumptions and risks

Make sure that assumptions are explained carefully. Crystal balls are notoriously inaccurate and there is inevitably some guess work involved in predicting what will happen and when. Explain what the risks are, the magnitude and likelihood of the risk and explain what plans are in place to mitigate these risks.

Selling the business case

You need to sell a business case. It won’t sell itself and you are selling to people – people who have personal motivations. Understand what these are and ensure that the package is in tune with these.

Tell the audience what they want to hear and remember, “buyer buy benefits” People are less interested in the how – they want to know why. “Because it will save us money”, “because we will win more business”, “because we will be better than our competition.”

Last but not least, if they say yes on page 1 – stop. Just because you prepared a 25 slide PowerPoint presentation doesn’t mean you have to present it all. If you get a decision to proceed early, don’t risk a change of heart by continuing. Your objective is to get the right decision. When you get that – leave. Your job is done.