Purchasing Card

The best solutions are those that solve a problem you never thought you had

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Sometimes, great ideas just never take off because some prerequisite solution to a problem hasn’t been solved. E-procurement was a great idea in the 1990’s but until the internet was ubiquitous and trusted, it was slow to take off. Looking back, the trust and ubiquity…

Purchasing Card – the P2P Nuke option

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It is depressing that whenever there is conflict brewing  somewhere in the world – a political or diplomatic tension that escalates to point where otherwise peaceful countries contemplate military action – there’s always someone, somewhere who says “Nuke ‘em”. The Nuke option – the answer…

Papalem promeritum pecto prohibetur

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I do like an alliterative headline but it’s not every day you get to see one in Latin. Paraphrased slightly it translates as “Papacy prohibits pilgrims’ plastic” It’s all about EU rules on banks operating outside of the European Union. The Economist reports that the…