Nipendo Named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner

Nipendo Named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner

I have a great deal of respect for Gartner and pay close attention to their insights and futurology. Despite that, I get a great sense of satisfaction on the occasions when I see what’s what before them.

It’s not news to me that Nipendo are cool but it’s great to see their coolness recognized by a firm as august as Gartner. Nipendo have been named as a “Cool Vendor” in Gartner’s new report “Cool Vendors in Integration, 2014” by Keith Guttridge, Massimo Pezzini, Paolo Malinverno & Jess Thompson. It means that, in the authors’ opinion, Nipendo are “Innovative, Impactful and Intriguing”.

Purchasing Insight logoNipendo CEO Eyal Rosenberg is naturally delighted at this inclusion. “We believe Nipendo’s inclusion in the Cool Vendor report by Gartner is an exciting recognition of the results we have been able to deliver to many leading organizations through procure-to-pay innovation,” he said. “While our technology is unique and innovative, at the end of the day what really counts are the business benefits it provides. With automated error-free procure-to-pay-processes, our customers are able to minimize the time and cost of managing buyer-supplier transactions while increasing the level of compliance across all spend categories.”

And I’d strongly agree with the market challenges that the report identifies. “Order to Cash and Procure to Pay are very general, core enterprise processes that the B2B industry has been trying to automate for nearly four decades” it claims, describing the challenge of automating the P2P process from end to end. Nipendo’s achievement of end to end automation, (which is pretty cool), is the thing that Gartner is recognizing.

David Lugassy from Clalit Health Care, someone I had the pleasure to meet a few months ago, describes how Nipendo’s “cool” technology impacts his business. “The Nipendo platform enables us to eliminate close to 100% of all incoming invoices errors, reduce processing time by 80%, and streamline our interactions with the thousands of suppliers we work with,” he say’s, quoted in Nipendo’s press release.

According Gartner, “Multienterprise grid functionality will enable buyers and sellers to conduct business in entirely new ways, creating new value and opportunity for e-commerce in general.” Again, I’d agree with that.

What is really cool about the approach that Nipendo have taken is that it truly represents a new stage in the evolution of P2P. When Gartner points out that the B2B industry has struggled for 40 years to automate processes, it is confirming what many of us believe that it is not a lack of standards that has got in the way and neither is it the lack of technology, it the whole way we think about automating a traditional document-centric process. More on this soon.

Pete Loughlin can be found on twitter @peteloughlin

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