Top Supply Chain Finance providers named

Top Supply Chain Finance providers named

The Supply Chain Finance Community, spearheaded by the SCF Professor Michiel Steeman, has named what they believe to be the top 6 solution providers.

Just as a reminder, Supply Chain Finance (SCF) leverages the credit rating of larger corporates and can offer SME suppliers faster access to cash and cheaper liquidity. However, the cost and complexity of on-boarding smaller suppliers means that many have been unable to take advantage of the benefits SCF can offer.

The “Open RFI” project, launched on behalf of a group of Dutch multinational corporations, invited over 30 vendors to show how they would apply SCF solutions to these smaller suppliers – those with volumes of €200,000 and below.

And the top 6 are:

•    C2FO
•    ING
•    Orbian
•    Prime Revenue
•    Santander
•    Taulia

All six will present their responses to the Open RFI during the SCF Community Forum in Amsterdam on 18th November 2015. All the participants were ranked in each of the following categories: Qualifications & Strategy; Solution Scope; Platform technology; Implementation and on-boarding; Transaction Volumes; Accounting & Legal; Incumbent SCF Provider.

The relative ranking, combined with a weighting of their importance by the supporting corporates, generated a final shortlist, which includes two banks and four non-­‐bank platform providers.

“SCF is a constantly growing market, with providers offering dynamic discounting, reverse factoring or a combination of the two,” said Michiel Steeman, executive director of the SCF Community.

“By gathering and assessing all SCF solutions based on corporate needs, the SCF Community has improved transparency for its members. This initiative contributes to our goals of developing knowledge on SCF for our members while simultaneously increasing adoption and standards in business.”

The full list of SCF vendors that completed the RFI is: ABN Amro, Asyx, C2FO, CRX Markets, Flinqer, GT Nexus, ING, Kyriba, OpusCapita, Orbian, Oxygen Finance, Prime Revenue, ProQuidity, Rabobank, Remitia, Riskco, Santander, Taulia, Terbit, TradeShift, Trefi Finance, Tungsten and Urica.

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