Taulia to bolster their presence in Europe

Taulia to bolster their presence in Europe

Posted by Pete Loughlin in Dynamic Discounting 01 Oct 2013

For those who don’t know them, Taulia offer one of the most compelling supply chain finance offerings around. Based on the simple concept of dynamic discounting – exchanging early payment for a discount – they help buyers and suppliers alike to better manage the cash – and the risks – in the supply chain. They have seen some amazing growth in the last few years, mostly in the United States, but now with a key appointment in the UK, they’re hoping to position themselves to do the same in Europe.

Purchasing Insight logoTaulia have announced today that Jon Keating has joined as Managing Director.  In this new role, Keating will be responsible for the day-to-day management of Taulia’s European operations, working out of their London headquarters.

With over two decades of experience managing global technology solutions, Keating joins Taulia from GXS, an organization that delivers enterprise  integration software to Fortune 500 companies, where he served as Vice President, EMEA for the past 5 years.   During his tenure, Keating grew orders in Europe by over $65M and increased European SaaS revenues by $40M.

“Jon will provide significant contributions to our European operations and prove to be a valued asset for Taulia,” said CEO, Bertram Meyer. “ We are steadily building a team of industry leaders and are excited to attract Jon’s caliber of expertise and industry knowledge.”

Keating’s notable high-tech career began at Memorex Telex where he progressed through various sales leadership and General Management roles.  Jon has led a number of high-tech companies, from start-ups to established Fortune 500s, serving as Chief Executive Officer of Formic Ltd, a UK data capture software company, Executive Vice President, EMEA of ThruPoint and Managing Director, UK and Ireland of 3Com.

“I am excited to be joining Taulia at this strong point in the company’s growth and for the opportunity to scale the business in the European market,” said Keating. “Taulia’s technology can truly transform the industry and I’m looking forward to playing a part in making that happen.”

Jon, with the Taulia team behind you, you won’t need it – but good luck anyway.

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  • Enrico Camerinelli October 7, 2013 at 11:10 am /

    * This is indeed a sign that the company is doing well and growing fast, considering that Taulia was founded in 2009 and has so far run its operations only in North America.

    * I believe that Taulia will be able to succeed if its European team will be capable of positioning the company as an e-invoicing/dynamic discounting/supply chain finance provider in Europe.

    * The founders of Taulia are young German entrepreneurs so the company’s “opening” in the Old Continent can be considered a return back home. They must be certainly aware that the European market is quite different from North America, especially in terms of awareness of small medium enterprises (SMEs) of dynamic discounting as a financing technique, least the proactive utilization of it.

    * Current difficulties for European SMEs to access credit at affordable conditions is making them become creative and they are beginning to find alternative ways of financing. Corporate-to-corporate financing is taking over bank-to-corporate lending. Dynamic discounting could represent indeed a valid financing instrument.

    * European companies are more advanced vs. North American in the use of electronic payments and adoption of electronic invoicing, two major pillars to enable Taulia’s proposition. Taulia’s penetration in the European market should therefore be facilitated. Taulia’s strategy to offer its solution as an extension of SAP ERP will certainly be winning in Europe that counts for 46% of SAP’s total revenues (source: SAP 2012 Annual Report). At the same time, though, the multitude of domestic communications and payments standards still prevalent in many European countries will pose serious challenges to Taulia.

    * Taulia’s new European management will have to accompany the necessary skills background in the use of business-to-business (B2B) networks and knowledge of domestic electronic invoicing and payments standards, with additional—and less technical—capabilities to build a network of contacts to influence the SME market while taking advantage of “Access to Finance” programs launched by the European Union Council (EUC) that cater for the standardization of procurement processes (e.g., PEPPOL).

    * Taulia’s European prospective clients must gauge the ability of the vendor’s European team to team up and lobby with EUC influencers.

  • Cyril BROUTIN October 7, 2013 at 5:17 pm /

    Other big issue to take into account for Taulia and the other suppliers of Dynamic Discounting solutions: the split between Europe and North America as for the financial spread charged by banks or financial institutions to grant some funding.
    In Europe and particularly in France, in Germany and to a lesser extent in the UK, the financial spread charged to the Big Corporate (which creditworthiness is solid) for short-term loans is much lower than in North America.
    So, for those Corporate which are “Cash Rich” and could thus think of a Dynamic Discounting program, it is almost as profitable and much simpler to use a financial third party to operate this kind of early-payment solutions towards their suppliers.
    With no impact on their available cash and benefiting nevertheless of a substantial part of the early-payment discounts negotiated with their suppliers.

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