Dynamic discounting – an impressive 12 months for Taulia

Dynamic discounting – an impressive 12 months for Taulia

It been just 12 months since Taulia secured their B round funding of $8.5 million. Their leadership team arrived in Silicon Valley only months before and this week I caught up with their CEO Bertram Meyer, to take stock of what has been a remarkable year and to look ahead at what 2012 will look like.

Purchasing Insight logo“We are excited that Taulia has been so well-received in the market, which is evidence of the need for a comprehensive dynamic discounting technology that benefits both buyers and suppliers” says Bertram. “We are especially proud of the positive customer and supplier feedback we are receiving. In 2012 we plan to scale further, bringing dramatic bottom line improvements to new customers in North America and Europe.”

Some of the high lights of Taulia’s year include:

  • Welcomed new customers in North America and Europe, including Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, John Deere and Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Completed significant customer upgrades including Pfizer
  • Added new product features such as advanced shipping notices and expanded regional coverage including the addition of 10 new languages
  • Successfully closed B round funding of $8.5 million
  • Acquired San Francisco-based billFLO, to strengthen its position in the financial supply chain market
  • Expanded offices in the U.S. and added new offices in London, England
  • Named Longhorn winner at White Bull conference 2011

It can’t have been all plain sailing though and when I asked Bertram what his biggest frustration have been he was quite clear about it.

“You have to educate the market to create a market. It’s amazing. There are still buyers out there that think that it is perfectly reasonable to push payment terms out further. The cost of capital for these supplier is much greater and all that happens is they put prices up. The overall effect is that money leaves the supply chain and lands in the hands of the factoring banks.

“The long sales cycle for dynamic discounting is frustrating too. It’s actually a very easy sale – the benefits are obvious and  compelling – but you need to get in front of customers at the right time within their decision cycle and the stakeholder landscape can be complex.”

Despite these frustration, Bertam’s team have managed to increase revenue by 150 and are now deployed in 40 countries and they are looking to triple their revenues in 2012. They can confidently claim to be the strongest player in the dynamic discounting market – for SAP house at least.

Dynamic discounting webinar

You can hear more about dynamic discounting and how it can create value at a seminar on 22nd February. “How to utilise SAP to create value in these turbulent economic times” is hosted by sharedserviceslink.com. You can register here.

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