P2P Summit Las Vegas October 2014

The nearest I’d ever been to Las Vegas was reading Fear and Loathing by Hunter S Thompson. A place were money can buy you virtually anything. Where the rules and standards of behaviour adopted by contemporary western civilisation are suspended. Clearly, the perfect location to convene a summit to discuss best practice in purchase to pay.

There is some irony in hosting a business conference that is all about controlling finance in a place associated where fettered hedonism is on offer but actually, it’s a great location for a business conference. Las Vegas is very well served from a travel perspective. Midweek, it can accommodate conferences of all sizes and the seedy side of Sin City is only a distraction if you want it to be.

Purchasing Insight supported the P2P Summit and I was really pleased at the level and quality of attendance organised by the Institute of Finance and Management. I wanted to see how the North American conferences were run compared to the European events I’m more familiar with. They’re largely the same – just bigger and the sponsors and exhibitors were certainly pleased.

This year was the first year that the P2P work stream was featured and the plan for next year is to raise the profile of P2P to meet the increasing demand amongst AP professionals to for dedicated purchase to pay content and we’re looking forward to supporting this conference again in the future.

Pete Loughlin can be found on twitter @peteloughlin

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