A New White Paper from Purchasing Insight – The P2P Partnership

A New White Paper from Purchasing Insight – The P2P Partnership

Purchase to Pay means different things to different people. Finance and procurement people see P2P from different perspectives and they don’t always see things the same. But there is one thing they both agree on: the implementation of purchase to pay best practice is best done with cooperation from both the finance and procurement communities.

The P2P Parnership

It may appear obvious but it is not always possible for finance and procurement to work collaboratively – they work in very different worlds and have fundamentally different cultures. The barriers need to be broken down and each community needs to have an appreciation of the other and work in partnership. This new white paper from Purchasing Insight explains the strategies that can be employed to break these barriers down.

This paper discusses the challenges of implementing improvement in purchase to pay and how the different stakeholders can work together for mutual benefit.

The paper explores what Purchase to Pay is and how it can be viewed differently depending on which side of the P2P fence you are – the Purchasing side or the Finance side. For the benefit of Finance people, it explores what Procurement people actually do and similarly for Procurement people, what Finance people actually do. P2P Critical Success Factors are examined and finally an approach for starting a P2P project is explained – the P2P Audit.

You can download this free white paper here