Electronic Invoicing Upgrade Announced

Electronic Invoicing Upgrade Announced

Posted by Pete Loughlin in Electronic Invoicing 12 Aug 2010

Press Release from iPayables

iPayables released InvoiceWorks version 8.441 August 10, 2010.  The upgraded version includes new functionality and upgrades to the InvoiceWorks product.  The three most notable enhancements are around:  Managed Security,  Mass Downloads and CASS Address Verification.

Managed Security – While InvoiceWorks has always allowed the administrator of a customers’ InvoiceWorks account to manually create distinct and separate security access levels, this functionality has been upgraded to allow the mimicking of ERP security roles.  The enhancement also allows users to be assigned to those roles and removed from them whenever needed.  It allows for the editing of existing security levels by the customer with complete flexibility to design and manage their account’s access to the utmost detail. In addition, security audit regulation and company preference in limiting and controlling access to invoices has been enhanced.

Mass Downloads – Simply stated this allows for the download and printing of invoice attachments in bulk.  Instead of printing one attachment at a time or for one invoice at a time this allows for invoices within a criteria to be selected and all the attachments (typically pdfs and supporting docs) to be printed in one mass effect.  While iPayables encourages the use of electronic media to reduce paper, we also recognize that some countries still require paper documentation from a legal aspect.

CASS Address Verification – Customers can now elect to use verification on vendor and invoice addresses’ against the official addresses that are recorded in the database of the United States Postal Service. This insures address accuracy for ship to information and bill to information to prevent clerical errors.

In regards to the new version, Jon Titel, CTO stated, “iPayables is constantly seeking ways to improve the InvoiceWorks system.  Release 8.441 is just one of the efforts in a constant striving,  to provide the best electronic invoicing solution.”

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