Why is it that technology vendors declare they are ERP agnostic like it’s a good thing?

Why is it that technology vendors declare they are ERP agnostic like it’s a good thing?

Don’t tell me your solution is ERP agnostic. I’m a believer in my ERP system and I want to deal with fellow believers. I don’t want to hear that you sit on the fence.

It’s a familiar dilemma for vendors. They’d like to please everyone – be all things to all men – or women for that matter. Sales people are always asking product development teams for more functionality, new connectors, compatibility with new standards and so on in order to be compatible with all possible scenarios. So being ERP agnostic – from the vendors point of view – seems like a good thing. Right?

Purchasing Insight logoI’m not a vendor. I’m a customer – and I only have one scenario – that’s the one I want you to be compatible with. Your ability to sell to all of my competitors and non-competitors in my industry and every other industry is as interesting to me as your share price. I don’t give a fig. (I use the word fig advisedly.) I want to know that your product is the best possible product for my circumstances and hearing you say that you’re are agnostic is like saying you don’t care about me.

I read a great article this week with a marketing message that really hits home. It was an interview in Business Software with Markus Ament from Taulia. In it, Markus makes it plain: “We focus ourselves. We are not ERP-agnostic — we’re an SAP solution. That sounds like a limitation, but it’s not. Roughly 70% of the spend of the Global 2000 runs through SAP systems”

If I’m an SAP house – that’s what I want to hear. I don’t want to hear that there’s an SAP connector. I don’t want to hear about integration layers. I want a native solution thank you very much.