Tradeshift join Purchasing Insight as a sponsor

Tradeshift join Purchasing Insight as a sponsor

Posted by Pete Loughlin in e-invoicing, Electronic Invoicing, Social Media, Sponsors 08 Aug 2011

Today, we’re delighted to welcome on board as a sponsor, one of the most interesting players in the e-invoicing space. Tradeshift have carved out a healthy niche for themselves over the last couple of years and they continue to disrupt the market with an innovative and dynamic approach.

There has been for a long time a question that hangs over the concept of electronic invoicing and that is: “why pay for it?”. Once the infrastructure costs are covered, email is free. The internet is free. So why pay a premium for  receiving electronic invoices? It’s a naive question of course but it is there and so the “free e-invoicing” carrot offered by Tradeshift has an appeal. They’ve got that right.

The other thing that Tradeshift appear to have got very right is their timing. 2011 is looking like the year that electronic invoicing takes off big time. There’s a perfect storm –  the cost control imperative; the maturation of the technology; the innovative legislation (in Europe for example) and the environmental agenda – they’ve all combined to make now the time to invest.

And then there’s the Tradeshift approach. Embracing the social media concept and the skype/facebook  style organic growth model could put Tradeshift way ahead of their competitors if it works. And if it does work, we’ll look back a see that part of the Tradeshift genius was the art of catching the wave at just the right time.

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