The dynamic discounting journey – now with a $1 million guarantee

The dynamic discounting journey – now with a $1 million guarantee

Where on the dynamic discounting journey are you? If you’ve completed the journey, your business will already be enjoying the benefits but for those at an early stage or not started yet, you’ll understandably have concerns. Now, Taulia have launched a $million guarantee to help allay those fears.

The dynamic discounting journey

Purchasing Insight logoAt what stage is your organization on the dynamic discounting journey?

Does your organization takes a traditional view of treasury management and DPO? Is it skeptical about initiatives like reverse factoring and dynamic discounting? Would it be fair to say that your organization’s procurement and finance objectives are not aligned? If that sounds familiar, you haven’t started the journey.

Perhaps your organization is prepared to question the tunnel vision approach to DPO management. It understands that recognizing revenue from discounts earned in return for early payment can deliver greater value than maintaining extended payment terms. You have broken the shackles that constrain business thinking and you’re now in a position to consider the other challenges of dynamic discounting. For example, how can you seek a discount for early payment when you can barely pay on time today? Or how will you overcome the cynicism of suppliers suspicious of whether you will deliver your side of the bargain? You’ve begun the journey.

Or have you arrived already? You’ll know if you have. You’ll already have developed relationships with your suppliers whereby they can draw down funds early in return for discounts. You’ll have a purchase to pay process in place that delivers the efficiencies you need to make it work and your bottom line will be looking healthier than ever.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting and speaking to some of Taulia’s customers. They’ve completed the journey and I’ve never met a happier bunch of people. They’re happy – indeed a little smug – because they have delivered $multi-million savings for their business.

The dynamic discounting journey isn’t easy. It’s daunting to challenge existing “safe” thinking. It’s not for the feint hearted. But the rewards are potentially huge and this is why Taulia’s $million dollar guarantee could be so effective because it takes the uncertainty out of starting the journey.

For more information on the $million guarantee go here

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