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Twitter is a must. Everyone knows it's important but those that know why seem to be few and far between. Purchasing Insight logoWe get the ordinary social media. People can engage on-line with friends, colleagues - even strangers with a common interest. And it not just fun - it's a really useful tool to mobilise people whether that's for a spontaneous party in Time Square or a political rally  in Tunisia. We get celebrity twitter too. It is so easy to communicate to eager fans and keep them engaged whether that's with serious commentary on the current affairs or simply feeding them celebrity tittle  tattle. But what about corporate twitter? Is it really that important to corporates and if it is - what should businesses be doing about it?

There are two types of people. Those who get twitter and those who don't. It's genetic. You may or may not get why it’s important to purchasing professionals but whether you are a social networker or not there are some extremely valuable lessons to be learned from the twittersphere and one lesson in particular that some of you are not going to like.