Nipendo delivers the next generation buyer-supplier communication and collaboration platform, enabling organizations around the globe to increase the productivity and efficiency of the extended enterprise.

Extending Business Processes beyond the Enterprise Firewalls

Nipendo provides a cloud-based B2B integration platform that allows seamless extension of business processes from the enterprise to the supplier ecosystem. Going beyond simple data integration, it enables organizations to automatically reconcile supplier transactions into enterprise business processes. Utilizing the Nipendo platform, organizations are able to remove process bottlenecks, streamline buyer-supplier collaboration, and accelerate the speed of business.

Removing the Barriers to Connectivity

Nipendo enables buyers and suppliers to bypass the long and costly on-boarding challenges traditionally associated with B2B integration. The Nipendo Supplier Cloud offers a plug-and-play solution that facilitates rapid on-boarding of thousands of suppliers at an extremely low cost.

With a range of options that fit the needs of companies of all sizes, connecting to the Nipendo platform is quick and simple, with no complex customizations, data mapping, or changes to existing business processes. Every partner connected to the platform can easily configure, manage, and maintain the system, minimizing the initial as well as ongoing cost, time, and effort required.

Connect Once, Communicate with All Trade Partners

Once connected to the Nipendo platform, organizations can electronically communicate and collaborate with all current and future partners with no additional investment, regardless of their ERP system, data requirements, or specific business processes. To ensure security and privacy, buyers and suppliers can selectively distribute the information they would like to share with each trade partner.

A Proven Solution Serving Global Supply Chain Leaders

The Nipendo platform is used by large enterprises across a variety of industries, including global supply chain leaders such as HP, IBM, Intel, Lilly, Office Depot, Pfizer, and Teva.