Seeing is believing – a series of interviews with Nipendo customers

Seeing is believing – a series of interviews with Nipendo customers

A few weeks ago I visited Israel to meet some of Nipendo’s customers. Nipendo are attracting quite a bit of attention from the analysts because of the success they’ve had in their home country and now that they’re making progress in North America and Europe it’s important to see their solutions in action to see what all the fuss is about. It was a fascinating trip. Meeting end users and seeing the solutions in action was a real eye opener. Each client was able to share something unique about the transformation that their business had seen through the implementation of Nipendo and collectively they provide an insight into what makes Nipendo worth some serious consideration.

Purchasing Insight logoGamida is a global company headquartered in the Netherlands with a significant presence in Israel. Amongst other things, Gamida provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), clean room management and supplies and medical equipment. After a long and painful experience with a EDI, Gamida piloted the Nipendo solution with one of their largest customers Intel and following a very successful trial they are now great advocates of the system.

Nechami Lavi, Gamida’s COO described one of the clearest benefits succinctly. “One of the biggest advantages”, she explained, “is transparency. We know within seconds if there is an issue with an invoice. Previously, we had to wait until the due date to learn that the invoice wasn’t going to be paid”

It’s kind of obvious when you hear it but there’s no substitute for hearing from the end users point of view. Real time P2P means real time management of issues which means no more late payment.

Kanfit supplies to the Aerospace industry in Israel. They specialise in composite parts, bonded assemblies metallic airframe primary parts & assemblies. I have to say, it’s a pretty cool place to visit. For them, the benefit that Nipendo delivered was simple. They showed me a typical purchase order that they receive. It was literally hundreds of lines and what I had not appreciated (because I’d never worked in that kind of environment) these POs can change many times. A single line change may seem trivial but from a P2P perspective, a single line change in a huge order is far from trivial. Because Nipendo manages these changes in real time, this headache evaporates.

HR Givon is another pretty cool company. Like Kanfit, they supply to the aerospace industry. The headline benefit to them was to be able to support the rapid growth that they have enjoyed over the last three years without having to grow their back office.

I spoke to Goni Letzter right on the factory floor of Givon’s manufacturing plant as well as well as Shacher Fine from Kanfit. You can see these interviews here:

I also spoke to Clalit one of the largest medical providers in Israel. Their success with Nipendo is outstanding and as David Lugassi, their Administrative Director explained, the introduction of Nipendo was like a revolution giving them 97% straight through processing of purchase orders and invoices.

I heard more of the same success stories from two other Nipendo customers. Moti Mikles, Operation Manager at Medtronic said “Out of the top ten problems I had, Nipendo solved 8 of them” – I didn’t ask what the two remaining issues were – it would have spoiled the moment. And finally Sarel a supplier to, Government hospitals in Israel. Their environment is pretty complex with warehousing and substantial inventory issues to manage. They’ve not achieved the levels of automation that Clalit have – only 70-80% invoices are straight through processed. Only 70-80%! I can tell you, in many of the businesses I’ve seen, the word “only” wouldn’t be in that sentence.

Pete Loughlin can be found on twitter @peteloughlin

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