OB10 and Readsoft – electronic invoicing synergy

OB10 and Readsoft – electronic invoicing synergy

Posted by Pete Loughlin in e-invoicing, Electronic Invoicing, News 29 Jun 2011

Readsoft and OB10 have announced a new global partnerships – aimed it seems at delivering the synergy that the two organisation can deliver around e-invoicing and AP automation.

The press release states that the two companies have developed a “comprehensive, end-to-end business process solution that will integrate seamlessly with SAP, Oracle and other leading financial and ERP systems using the ReadSoft INVOICE COCKPIT Suite as a universal invoice hub to control all invoice processing irrespective of document format.”

This kind of move has been obvious for some time. As the case for e-invoicing becomes increasingly compelling it is becoming clear to most that there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach. Adopting a hybrid approach that takes advantage of the strengths of a pure e-invoicing offering like OB10 and a best in class document management company like Readsoft could be the way to go for many.

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