Intuit and Tradeshift – Jason Busch’s viewpoint

Intuit and Tradeshift – Jason Busch’s viewpoint

Posted by Pete Loughlin in e-invoicing, Electronic Invoicing 18 Mar 2013

Jason Busch is Spend Matters. He started Spend Matters almost 10 years ago and has grown it into what is arguably the best online resource for purchasing professionals. I met him a couple of weeks ago at the Tradeshift analyst day together with Pierre Mitchell who has joined Jason’s team as Chief Research Officer and MD of Azul Partners. It wasn’t all business of course and I spent a most enjoyable evening with the two of them sampling the local beer (can you believe a pub in New York with 20 real ales?) and a new culinary discovery for me – Peruvian.

The analyst day itself was very interesting and there was some genuine eye openers. I was especially interested in Tradeshift’s platform strategy and this is something that I’m going to take a very close interest in in the coming months. But there was another high light and that was the presentation by Eric Dunn from Intuit who gave his view on the new partnership between Intuit and Tradeshift.

But Jason Busch had a different insight. He looks at Intuit as a customer and has seen their evolution from a user perspective. So I asked Jason how he saw the deal.

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