Fast Track to e-invoicing – another innovation from Tradeshift

Fast Track to e-invoicing – another innovation from Tradeshift

Tradeshift are known for their disruptive technology approach. Launching their free-to-suppliers network in 2010, other players have since followed suit and now, they’re making it easy for buying organization too.

Purchasing Insight logoToday, at e-Invoicing 2012 in Brussels, Tradeshift are announcing “Fast Track”. Designed to help enterprises quickly and easily launch Tradeshift and on-board suppliers, Fast Track offers a low cost bundle that will let buying organizations implement the system with little risk and provide the ability to grow and scale easily.

The bundled Fast Track package promises to allow companies to onboard an unlimited number of suppliers and will support the exchange of 25,000 documents per year all for a low cost, all inclusive, flat rate. Fast Track will also allow suppliers to take advantage of CloudScan, a product that eliminates the need for manual input of invoices received via email, PDF or paper.

Chief Commercial Officer, Christian Hjorth explains the benefits of Fast Track: “Navigating the current landscape of e-invoicing solutions can be tricky. We want to show enterprises that Tradeshift is the solution best designed to handle all their B2B networking needs easily, and cost effectively. Tradeshift takes the pain out of on boarding. By offering Tradeshift through the Fast Track bundle we have removed any hurdle or risk involved in exploring what Tradeshift can do. We challenge companies to give it a try, to see for themselves, just how easy, yet powerful the Tradeshift Network is.”

It’s a competitive market place and Tradeshift today retain the agility advantage. They are still seen as the new kids on the block by many organizations but their continued determination to innovate will stand them in good stead.