e-day in the Emerald Isle

e-day in the Emerald Isle

It was a great day for Ireland and a great day for Celtrino, the Irish supply chain document automation people.

Yesterday was e-day, the day that the launch was announced of Ireland’s the first Government and public sector e-Invoicing project. It’s a pilot and the objective is to establish a proven, interoperable network of trusted service providers capable to accepting, routing and delivering e-Invoices.

Purchasing Insight logoI like Celtrino. I like their style. They’ve been helping Irish companies transmit and recieve electronic documents for moe than 20 years. Last year alone, they claim, they routed more than 7.5 million e-Invoices worth more than €4 billion.  But what is relatively new in Ireland is that the entire Irish public sector,  the largest buyer in the country, is now ready to revolutionise how Irish companies do business with the State.

The way Celtrino puts it: “Irish companies are about to become more competitive and tax payers are going to see more done with less tax.” Every government in the world could echo this message – if only they had the same foresight. Celtrino estimates that e-Invoicing can reduce the costs of doing business in Ireland by €250 million annually. What could it do in the UK? What about Germany? What about the USA?

Isn’t it time governments woke up to e-invoicing?