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The fortunes could be mixed for Europeans working in IT and finance according to new research by The Hackett Group. Large companies in Europe are now losing over 130,000 jobs each year in these disciplines as well as in other key business services areas. This, Hackett claims, is due to the combined impact of offshoring, technology-driven productivity improvements, and the low-growth business environment. While they reckon that the number of jobs being lost will decline over the next few years, they estimates that by 2017 nearly half of all back office jobs that existed at these companies in Europe in 2002 will have disappeared, a total loss of 1.9 million jobs. But the picture gets worse when you factor in the latest IMF growth assessment.

Travel is always an adventure and I love coming home with tales to tell of unexpected encounters and once in a lifetime experiences. In New York this week, I was absolutely thrilled to find myself amongst a bunch of paparazzi at JFK waiting to shoot Anne Hathaway. Seriously - I was in Gotham City and Cat Woman bumps into me. But that was nothing. I also got to meet Susie West.