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Capture technology is old right? Scanning business documents for archiving, processing and workflow is at least a 20 year old way or working. And as we increasingly use email and electronic messaging, our reliance on paper for business is diminishing. So capture as a business technology has no future. Right? – Wrong. Capture is alive and thriving and, as a recent Forrester report explains, it’s got a bright future.

e-procurement suffers from two problems: the first is the “e” and the second is “procurement”.  Both “e” and “procurement” immediately put people on the wrong mental track.  “e” leads people to think that it is all about IT. “Procurement” is now so diffuse in meaning that people think it is about buying things and it is not.

Today, Coupa Software has announced that Blackstone, the investment and advisory firm, has selected Coupa as its spend management solution and has made a limited investment in the company. Some Blackstone portfolio companies already use Coupa, and the Coupa-Blackstone relationship will now be leveraged at other portfolio companies in coming months.

Today we're delighted to welcome a post from Christian Hjorth, CCO at Tradeshift

There once was a time in business when you bought a box, it did what you expected until it became obsolete and then you bought a new one. The key functions of your company were essentially run by equipment and (often-expensive) experts in-house who knew how to get the most from it.

Of course, the cloud has changed all that - and while I’m sure we don’t need to go into the full history of that here, there is one aspect of this shift that is becoming more and more important. When you’re talking about software-as-a-service, it’s nothing without consistent and improving service.

This month, State of Flux, the London based procurement and supply chain consultancy, has launched its fourth annual Global SRM Survey 2012 which is, for the first time, divided into two areas: a buy-side survey to validate the procurement and supply chain perspective and a sell-side survey that captures the account team perspective of SRM. The new approach should provide one of the fairest reviews to date of both the supplier and the customer experiences of current SRM globally.

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