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Although Purchase to Pay is a about process, it can only be implemented with enabling technology and the correct choice of technology can be complex. Some vendors specialize in a single section of the P2P process spectrum. Others have capability than spans the entire spectrum...

Purchase to Pay, P2P and Dynamic DiscountingI read with interest an item by Jean-Pierre Foehn (Opening the supplier can of worms: can you really charge suppliers a fee to do electronic transactions?) that expressed, not for the first time, some fairly frank questions about electronic invoicing and the justification for transaction fees. The questions he raises are not new but it is good to see them  brought out into the open.

SRM remains a hot topic for organisations, and creating the business case for change is challenging. All of us understand SRM is the right thing to do, but putting absolute values on benefits achieved through an SRM programme is difficult. In 2009 State of Flux focused their survey around...

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