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It's standard business practice. Chase customers for payment as soon as possible and pay your suppliers as late as possible. Cash is king and in some industries - retail being a prime example - cash flow is the pivot of profitability that can make the...

At a recent Purchase to Pay conference in Amsterdam, representatives from a wide range of industries got together to compare notes - warts and all - on their P2P programmes It is really interesting when a diverse group of Purchase to Pay professionals from different organizations get together to compare notes. Despite working in isolation, there is a great deal in common in terms of the challenges faced and the approaches adopted to overcome those challenges. But there's also a healthy variation in approach and below is a short list of some of the best takeaways from the conference.

Kevin Costello, President, Ariba, comments on the completion of the sale of their sourcing and BPO businesses to Accenture: “The divestment of our sourcing services and BPO services assets is a very positive step in the evolution of...

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