Basware simplifying operations to focus on boosting cloud growth

Earlier this week, Basware announced the launch of what it describes as a “productivity programme” designed to “simplify its operations and increase scalability”. The aim is to  accelerate the growth of its cloud-based business and increasing productivity.

Site LogoIn a press release this week, Basware’s new CEO Vesa Tykkyläinen is quoted: “Over the recent years, Basware’s business operations have expanded significantly organically and through acquisitions. Our market position is extremely strong as the leading provider of networked purchase-to-pay solutions, including e-invoicing and financing services. The market and customer demand for cloud-based services has strongly increased and we have strengthened particularly sales and marketing operations in our key markets, to accelerate the growth of our cloud-based business,” he said.

“Basware’s vision, view on the significant future potential of our markets and our ability to capture that opportunity is unchanged. However, what is required now is more focus on execution and customers. As a result of these necessary actions, some of which are difficult, Basware will become more lean and productive, and target and customer-focused.”

Basware has a sound set of products and should certainly be on any shortlist of P2P and e-invoice service providers. Since their acquisition of the American e-procurement vendor, Verian, they have strengthened their portfolio of product offerings which is now comprehensive across the P2P spectrum. The renewed focus on execution both in terms of sales and delivery should be welcomed.

Pete Loughlin can be found on twitter @peteloughlin

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