André Casterman joins board of Talent Show – Supply Chain Finance

André Casterman joins board of Talent Show – Supply Chain Finance

Trade, supply chain and payment veteran André Casterman, former managing director of corporate and supply chain markets at SWIFT, is now a board member of the corporate driven Talent Show – Supply Chain Finance.

André Casterman will provide input and support to the team behind the Talent Show and participate in building the program and the content. Magnus Lind, co-founder of The Talent Show: “André is a great person to have on board, further proving that The Talent Show has the ability to attract the best of the best. André Casterman’s experience in the intersection of the banking industry, corporate markets and new financial technology is very valuable to us. His broad geographical experience is also advantageous since much of the development in supply chains right now happens in the Far East where legacy hasn’t hindered the local financial markets to innovate and implement new schemes such as the bank payment obligations (BPO).”

The Talent Show is created by Treasury Peer together with Purchasing Insight who are two corporate networks joining forces to develop the corporate driven event in Supply Chain Finance this year. To us “Supply Chain Finance” covers the whole chain from the first supplier to the end customer. The Talent Show brings together the most assertive and progressive vendors and banks with corporate executives having responsibilities along the supply chains. The purpose is to improve and speed up the transition from old time financial transacting, to new collaborative and efficient, real-time, transparent ways of working throughout the whole ecosystem.

André Casterman adds: “I am honored to join Treasury Peer’s Talent Show team. Innovations in Supply Chain Finance are key for the corporate sector and require banks to expand their trade finance digitization strategies. Treasury Peer’s Talent Show will help corporates and banks align on market priorities and available vendor technologies.”

Corporate treasury, finance, procurement and sales are challenged by a megatrend consisting of many large game changers from the disruption of the financial supply chain. The changes won’t go by unnoticed at corporations.

The financial supply chain will be improved with all this new technology such as introductions of real-time payments, increased transparency of transactions, improved supply chain finance, and big data analytics. We question the working capital dogma where debt to suppliers is a good thing and debt to other funders is bad. Why is that so when you consider that the biggest risk for any enterprise is failing to deliver correct quality and quantity on-time? That happens when the supply chain has insufficiently funded suppliers and distributors.

About André Casterman

André Casterman is an independent consultant and a Member of the Banking Executive Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) where he leads the Bank Payment Obligation initiative. During the past 5 years, André Casterman was SWIFT’s head of the corporate & trade markets in charge of strategy, governance and product initiatives. André Casterman has two master’s degrees from Vrije Universiteit Brussels and a master’s degree from ICHEC Brussels.

About Treasury Peer and The Talent Show

Treasury Peer is organizing The Talent Show based on input from our very large, global network of corporate treasurers, CFOs and procurement and supply chain executives. Treasury Peer has huge ambitions in the area of supply chain finance. For 2016 we have set up the objective to push for assisting financial supply chain disruption big time. We know this will support the businesses and the economy to grow faster and stronger. The Talent Show – Supply Chain Finance is one of the tools Treasury Peer uses to bring together the most assertive and progressive vendors and banks with the corporate executives having responsibilities along the whole supply chain. The Talent Show takes place in Greater Copenhagen 26-27 April 2016 at Nordic Choice, Quality View Hotel, Hyllie Stationstorg, SE-215 32 Malmö. For more information please visit at and

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