8th Swiss Payment Forum: Trends in the Financial Services Industry

8th Swiss Payment Forum: Trends in the Financial Services Industry

Posted by Pete Loughlin in News 14 Oct 2019

Switzerland, October 2019 – The financial services industry is in a state of upheaval: banks are in the midst of digital transformation and the cooperation between banks and fintech companies is creating new networked ecosystems. As a result, banks today have the opportunity to generate added value for their customers with innovative digital services and to strengthen customer loyalty.

In this context, the introduction of new payment solutions is intended to make payment easier and more transparent for users and, in some cases, to offer interesting value-added services. In the meantime, mobile payment is gaining momentum in Switzerland, but despite prominent representatives such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Twint, it has not yet been able to assert itself. In Sweden, for example, the adaptation of new payment solutions is already more advanced and, according to current press releases, the abolition of cash could take place even faster than planned. An interesting aspect is how an optimal payment process looks like for retailers and customers in Switzerland and what they want at the POS. Speakers and participants will discuss this in detail in the user panel of the Swiss Payment Forum.

The Swiss Payment Forum, which will take place on November 11 and 12, 2019, will focus on intensive discussions and networking as well as on top-class presentations on trends and influencing factors in the financial services industry and current national and international payment trends.

More information on the Swiss Payment Forum: www.swisspaymentforum.ch

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