Tradeshift launch a new look and feel

Tradeshift launch a new look and feel

Posted by Pete Loughlin in AP Automation, e-invoicing 05 Aug 2013

Tradeshift launched their new website last week. I’ve been looking forward to it for some time. Having seen some the forward developments of the Tradeshift platform I was keen to see how the look and feel would materialize in a live environment.

Purchasing Insight logoWhen the site went live, it was actually a little flakey but the open, honest, prompt and informative updates to users, together with the speedy resolution to the teething problems provided a satisfying reassurance that users need when using a cloud service. I love it when that happens. I use a number of cloud services and by far the most frustrating aspect is the anonymous, silent support team who ignore user questions and concerns when things go wrong. Things get fixed eventually of course but you have no idea when that will happen and as a user, it leaves you feeling nervous. Great customer service like Tradeshift’s always resolves usability niggles.

The new look and feel is great too. There’s a new resource center that is filled with the latest news, reports, webinars and information coming out of the industry. These resources, some developed by Tradeshift and some curated from other thought leaders, are intended to help current and prospective customers make informed decisions. This is one of Tradeshift’s great strengths. Their value added content is first class and has not only helped them make a name for themselves, it’s also made a significant contribution in helping to amplify the noise about e-invoicing and contribute to the growth in interest we see today.

The only thing that wasn’t there that I wanted to see was the Platform.

Tradeshift’s biggest strength is its platform strategy. This is something that I firmly believe will make Tradeshift a force to be reckoned with in the coming years and I’m excited to see how the growing collection of fantastic apps will come together under this new look and feel. I didn’t see this in the new site so I’m assuming this is still work in progress.

So, congratulations to Tradeshift on keeping it fresh and continuing to provide great content and I look forward to watching the continued evolution as the Platform grows.

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  • eSourcing August 7, 2013 at 9:49 am /

    TradeShift are an organisation that we follow closely as they forge their way ahead in a tight market with major contenders. We are very impressed by their growth and innovative ideas. This new website is quite a challenge. In the past when they only had the one product to maintain and only one target market segment, they could be very direct and very focused on their message, epitomised by their simple, elegant landing page. Now, however, it is a different story as they have a range of products, a range of customer types (SME, Enterprise & Resellers across the globe) and marketing messages. The new site does this well and is very cleanly presented. It does lose something from the previous sites in my view which were very simple and direct. But hey, I can’t see how it could be maintained given their breadth now.

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