Tradeshift launch a cool e-invoicing innovation

Tradeshift launch a cool e-invoicing innovation

Today we understand that Tradeshift is about to lift the lid on a really neat innovation that will appeal to many small businesses.

Tradeshift Instant Approval allows businesses that use the Tradeshift network to send electronic invoices to their customers and get instant approval – even if those customers don’t use the Tradeshift network .



Why is this such a neat idea?

It’s simple. Any business can send an invoice electronically today via email (supplemented by paper if necessary) but it’s only instant in terms of instantly sent and that’s where the instant ends. The supplier need to make phone calls to check the invoice is received and wait for return calls etc. It’s no more elegant than a paper process. But what Tradeshift Instant Approval does is build the acknowledgement and approval or query into the process by default. It’s a very simple and effective workflow that spans the buyer/supplier interface that costs nothing.

But that’s not the only reason why this is a cool idea. This is marketing par excellence and I can see this being a highly effective tool in spreading the Tradeshift word.