Tradeshift alters the e-invoicing paradigm – again

Tradeshift alters the e-invoicing paradigm – again

Posted by Pete Loughlin in AP Automation, e-invoicing, Electronic Invoicing 05 Mar 2012

When Tradeshift launched a couple of years ago, their ‘free invoicing’ mantra wasn’t actually a new idea. Many suppliers were already able to e-invoice for free albeit in a limited way, but Tradeshift made it a bigger deal and they have changed the e-invoicing landscape forever. We’ll see more ‘free’ e-invoicing happen this year – and not just from the smaller players.

But just as the electronic invoicing world is coming to terms with the Tradeshift model – they’ve done it again – this time in a highly original way. This is going to change the rules of the game big time.

Today, Tradeshift launched CloudScan®.  It is a superb piece of technology and process innovation that takes the concept of the hybrid model of e-invoicing  to the next level. In simple terms, it allows suppliers to scan their paper invoices to the cloud and to send electronic invoices, for free, without even having to change their paper based process. By putting the scanning part of the process in the hands of suppliers, the buying organisation no longer needs to perform the visual checking function of a scanning and intelligent data capture process.

Stay tuned for some more detail on CloudScan later this week.

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