Top Pharma Company Selects Taulia for Dynamic Discounting

Top Pharma Company Selects Taulia for Dynamic Discounting

Purchase to Pay, P2P and Dynamic DiscountingThe solution includes dynamic discounting and will be installed in weeks to meet an ambitious timeline for a global rollout

Taulia, leading provider of a fully SAP-integrated Dynamic Discounting solution, announced today that one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world has chosen to implement the fully integrated OB10-Taulia solution.

The solution will allow all vendors to securely log on to OB10’s leading global e-Invoicing network to view invoice status and payment status and to submit invoices either by “flipping” an up-to-date purchase order into an invoice or by submitting invoices directly via OB10’s Any-To-Any-FormattingSM. The solution allows vendors to trigger earlier payment of approved invoices with a simple mouse click against a financing fee set by the pharmaceutical company’s finance team directly inside SAP. For Treasury, this represents an opportunity to invest excess liquidity short-term and risk-free at double-digit returns. In addition, the solution allows maximizing capture of existing discounts by enabling the client to define “dynamic” sliding scale payment terms directly inside SAP.  Earlier approvals then result directly in earlier payments against higher discounts.

Key reasons for selecting the OB10-Taulia combination was the seamless SAP integration provided out-of-the-box by Taulia’s SAP-certified Invoicement Suite®, as well as Taulia’s ability to deploy in a matter of weeks. In partnership with OB10, Taulia will integrate its solution into the customer’s SAP system to enable a fully automated throughput of electronic invoices via OB10 into SAP and automated provision of invoice status, payment information and PO data to OB10 via standard interfaces.  Taulia and OB10 will provide this global customer a highly scalable technology platform that will drive additional efficiency gains over the course of the project and beyond.

Taulia CEO Bertram Meyer says, “The ability to provide a comprehensive range of self-services to all suppliers in real-time and fully automated proved to be a very compelling if not decisive argument for the joint Taulia-OB10 solution. And with e-invoicing, PO flip, 24/7 status information exchange as well as dynamic discounting functionality, the solution offers all features relevant to an AP department looking for cutting edge technology.”

Taulia’s Invoicement Suite® is a certified SAP Add-On benefiting Treasury, Accounts Payable, and Suppliers.  The key element of the Suite is Dynamic Discounting, which enables suppliers to opt in for earlier payment of approved invoices against additional discounts – all highly automated.