The procurement game plan

The procurement game plan

Posted by Pete Loughlin in Procurement Best Practices 10 Feb 2012

Many will know of, if not know personally, Charles Dominick of Next Level Purchasing fame. The Procurement Game Plan is a new book that Charles has co-written together with Soheila Lunney and he kindly sent me a copy this week to review. Now I can count on the fingers of both ears the number of times I’ve reviewed a book on procurement so I was delighted to delve into it and see what I could come out with.

Purchasing Insight logoFrom the title I was expecting something profound, or at least something that had pretensions of profundity. “Winning strategies and techniques  for supply management professionals” – the sub title – promises something new and exciting – a set of new ways to deliver bigger and better. So I was kind of disappointed to find that The Procurement Game Plan is only a an authoritative and invaluable guide to best practice in procurement. How can I mock that?

Seriously, I had no intention of mocking but I had feared though that it would be a stream of nonsensical  management speak, an “Emperor’s New Clothes” style  string of clap-trap designed to impress fools just like all of those management books you see at airport bookshops. But this book isn’t like that by any means.

Written in a style that is accessible and engaging, it contains a comprehensive and importantly, contemporary guide to managing a wide range of procurement scenarios. From procurement’s place in the organization through talent management, corporate social responsibility and green sourcing this is a the 21st century procurement pro’s handbook.

It’s not a book to read from cover to cover but it is a book that I’ll keep within reach to be able to refer to for inspiration and clarification or perhaps just to remind myself what the term “strategic sourcing” actually means.


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