Top on-line purchasing resources point the way to the future of purchasing media

12 Apr 2011 Posted by Pete Loughlin in Electronic Invoicing, Financial Supply Chain Management, Purchase to Pay, Social Media

Charles Dominick – – recently published his top twenty online resources for procurement pros. It’s an interesting list, ordered by Alexa ranking (notoriously unreliable but as a relative rank guide, there or there abouts). There’s the obvious resources that you’d expect to be well…

e-invoicing Europe 2011

11 Apr 2011 Posted by Pete Loughlin in The Rest

If P2P or e-invoicing are on your agenda, you need to know about two important conferences happening this year. e-invoicing Europe 2011 happens in July and host their 5th P2P conference in June. Both of these are must attend events.

Apple announces the the launch of the iPatch

01 Apr 2011 Posted by Pete Loughlin in The Rest

CUPERTINO, California—April 01, 2011—Apple® today announced the launch of its new augmented reality device, the iPatch. Utilising retina projection display technology, the device projects images directly onto the wearer’s retina. The iPatch features an entirely new way of projecting images that allows the wearer to…