Taulia open new office in the UK

Taulia open new office in the UK

Taulia have announced today that they have opened offices in the United Kingdom and, their press release says, they are bringing their “comprehensive suite of products to European organisations and expanding its services and operations for existing customers. In addition to the new offices, Sebastian Chilvers has joined Taulia as European Sales Director and will help accelerate the company’s growth in the regional market.”

Purchasing Insight logo“We are excited for the opportunity to expand our operations in Europe,” said Bertram Meyer, CEO of Taulia. “We have already enjoyed great success with multi-national companies who need to manage excess liquidity in today’s weakened global economy. With Sebastian Chilvers leading our European sales force we are confident we can provide Europe’s large organisations the benefits of dynamic discounting while also supporting their much smaller suppliers through a cost-effective line of finance.”

Taulia offers companies dealing with today’s global credit crisis an opportunity to improve cash-flow for smaller businesses and better manage working capital for larger organisations. The company’s Invoicement® Suite provides dynamic discounting and a supplier portal for Global 2000 companies, allowing them to save millions of pounds annually using dynamic payment terms and on-demand payment acceleration for their suppliers, in return for additional discounts. Taulia’s Supplier Portal offers suppliers the ability to accelerate invoice payment on-demand, eliminating the need for costly receivable financing or credit card borrowing. The supplier portal also reduces collection cost and removes the need for inquiries by providing 24/7 visibility and comprehensive self-services, all free of charge.

Commenting on his new role, Sebastian Chilvers said, “I am excited to join the Taulia team and am confident we can provide Europe’s large organisations a financial solution that benefits them and their suppliers. My background has allowed me to work with many European companies who struggle with issues such as poor market liquidity and banks who are reluctant to lend, and Taulia’s comprehensive suite of products addresses these exact concerns. Taulia has a long pedigree with SAP, and a particular expertise in supply chain finance, supplier collaboration and business process automation which will serve the European market well.”

Chilvers brings over ten years experience in the areas of Shared Services and accounts payable automation. He was previously with OB10 where he worked with large multi-national organisations such as Warner Bros., Barclays Bank, Aviva and Oyez Straker.

In addition to the United Kingdom, Taulia has offices in Düsseldorf, Germany and San Francisco, California in the United States.