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In the facebook age, when the digital natives – those who don’t remember a time before the internet – are emerging as the new generation of business leaders, thinkers and politicians, it can be easy to forget how today’s business technology evolved. And it’s easy to dismiss it. But knowing a little more than best practice and understanding why we do stuff the way we do is enlightening and helps inform us about the future evolution of business technology. continue reading…

Purchase to Pay, P2P and Dynamic DiscountingAlthough Purchase to Pay is a about process, it can only be implemented with enabling technology and the correct choice of technology can be complex. Some vendors specialize in a single section of the P2P process spectrum. Others have capability than spans the entire spectrum from sourcing and procurement, through purchasing and receiving as well as payment and getting the choice right is one of the biggest implementation challenge. (See Purchase to Pay Pitfalls – Procurement Software)

Purchase to Pay Software

A selection of Purchase to Pay Software vendors is summarized in the following diagram – illustrating where in the P2P spectrum they have have capability. This is not exhaustive and serves as a high level summary only.

Purchase to Pay Software

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