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Those following developments on electronic invoicing will be very familiar with the news from earlier this year that the rules in Germany are about to be relaxed. From 1st July 2011 the technical requirements imposed on the use of electronic invoices in Germany will be abandoned. Great! But so what!

What’s so important about Germany? Let me explain why it’s important. continue reading…

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that 2011 is a big year for e-invoicing. Some new research published by Billentis reveals the scale of the anticipated growth in Europe. continue reading…

P2P Europe

On 16th March 2010, the Council of the European Union agreed on a general approach on a draft directive aimed at simplifying VAT invoicing requirements, in particular as regards electronic invoicing.

As reported in this press release, the draft directive sets out to ensure the acceptance by tax authorities of e-invoices under the same conditions as for paper invoices, and to remove legal obstacles to the transmission and storage of e-invoices.

Adoption of Purchase to Pay (P2P) Will Increase

As reported here previously, the final legislation may fall short of what had been earlier proposed however it should go a significant way to ease the way forward and help organizations and businesses across Europe to enjoy the efficiencies and lower costs of comprehensive and holistic Purchase to Pay (P2P) processes. (See: What is Purchase to Pay?)