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E-invoicing isn’t the first victim of standards and it won’t be the last.

B2B standards, designed to guide businesses down the right path, to allow disparate organizations to inter-operate, don’t work. They have the opposite effect. They are self defeating. They attempt to create a single agreed way of working but instead, they embed incompatibility and constrain growth and until we get rid of the standards we’ll continue to flounder. continue reading…

You know how useful standards are when you plug in an electrical appliance – the plug fits the socket. So it figures that we need an electronic invoice standard. We need the invoice plug to fit the AP socket. Right?


Count the number of B2B standards and regulations there are. That’s how many reasons there are not to send electronic invoices. continue reading…

As many as 40 per cent of larger businesses across Europe are shying away from E-invoicing according to a report published this week by Iron Mountain. This is because of the perceived complexity and lack of standards, according to YouGov who were commissioned to perform the research.

The findings have been published to coincide with the launch of Iron Mountain’s new Business Process Management (BPM) services, details of which can be found here. continue reading…