Supplier relationship management and when it’s the right time to throw a penguin

Supplier relationship management and when it’s the right time to throw a penguin

Supplier relationship management is an art that takes years to master and very few actually achieve true mastery. I have a fairly low opinion of myself in this respect. I find it difficult to deal with suppliers I don’t like on a personal level. And while I don’t suffer fools gladly (who does?) I do aim to operate on genuinely friendly terms with suppliers. This, I know, can hinder your objectivity. It’s difficult to be hard on an under-performing supplier when you are anxious that personal relationship will be  threatened – but I like to sleep at night.

This dim view of myself was contradicted recently by a colleague. “You’re very good at supplier relationship management” she said. “You’re not always the good cop – and you know when it’s the right time to throw a penguin.”

Purchasing Insight logoI’d forgotten about that. I need to leave out a few details of this story in order to protect the guilty but she was referring to a real situation when I called a strategic suppliers in for an account management meeting. It was a tough session. The supplier had let us down badly – it was a trivial error on their part but the impact on our project was inordinate and it was time for some tough talking – and I don’t mean tough love. This was not going to be a session for sharing home truths for the supplier’s benefit so they could learn and get better – this was going to be a thorough roasting.  They were going to have to fix what they’d broken, or else…

Or else what? Or else not a lot to be honest. As an incumbent strategic supplier, we needed them as much as they needed us and my challenge was to find a form of words that would get all the right messages across in the right tone without breaking the relationship either on a business level or on a personal level. But despite psyching myself up beforehand as soon as the meeting started, I threw away the script. My emotions took over, I got angry and that’s when I threw the penguin. I threw the penguin at our account manager and it hit him squarely on the head.

Obviously, it wasn’t a real penguin. It was a promotional gift from another supplier. A supplier that in complete contrast was over performing. I’d brought it along to the meeting as a kind of benchmark – a benchmark of what level of service we expect from suppliers. And, to his credit, the account manager took the gesture in good spirit – it didn’t hurt him and left only a slight and temporary dent in his ego – it got the message across.

I maintain my preference for dealing with suppliers that I like on a personal level and I think I’m in good company and while it’s nice to have friendly relationships with suppliers, it’s also important to know when to throw throw the penguin.

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