Purchasing Insight coffee break – a chat with Anna Bjarkerud

Purchasing Insight coffee break – a chat with Anna Bjarkerud

Posted by Pete Loughlin in e-invoicing, Podcasts, Supply Chain Finance 25 Aug 2012

Last week , I met Anna Bjarkerud for a chat over coffee. We met ostensibly to discuss the e-business forum, a conference that Anna is hosting in Oslo on 12th September.

I visited Stockholm, Sweden in March of this year and had the pleasure to meet some of the business leaders with their fingers on the Nordic pulse and I was keen to understand the evolving market in the Nordic countries. We hear a great deal about it but from the outside it seems a little mysterious so I’m looking forward to visiting Norway in a few weeks time for the e-business forum.

Anna shared some great insights on the Nordic market place and especially about what’s happening in Norway right now and discussed a little bit about supply chain finance and the need for an inclusive and holistic approach to make it work.

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