Palette and ReadSoft Extend Global Partnership

Palette and ReadSoft Extend Global Partnership

Enterprise purchase-to-pay specialist Palette has extended its partnership with ReadSoft, a world leader in document process automation, to provide advanced, closely-integrated solutions to customers internationally.

The partnership will integrate PaletteArena, a complete purchase-to-payment suite, with ReadSoft’s advanced document capture solutions.  This will enable users to achieve rapid, significant cost savings and efficiency gains by automating their supplier invoice and sales order processing, from scanning through to approval and archiving.
Purchasing InsightWith its web-based purchase-to-payment suite, PaletteArena, Palette has been the market leader in Scandinavia for several years.  Following recent expansion across Europe and into the US, Palette’s partnership with ReadSoft will further strengthen its overall solution offering to customers from small and mid-sized companies to enterprises.

International customers already benefiting from the integration of Palette and ReadSoft solutions include Miele, Hoya, Selecta and Stena Line.

“Combining ReadSoft’s capture capabilities with our flexible web-based solution makes it easy for companies to quickly automate their AP processes from end-to-end, giving them complete visibility and control.  This shortens processing cycles, simplifies workflows and cuts processing costs dramatically.  By working closer with ReadSoft, we will help customers to realise these benefits even faster,” said Lars Ola Petters, CEO of Palette.

Björn Gabrielsen, VP International Partner Sales of ReadSoft said:  “Working together, we give customers a total, integrated AP automation solution that quickly delivers real efficiency gains and strong ROI by replacing paper-based routines and streamlining accounting processes.  Extending our partnership will deliver even stronger benefits for our customers.”

PaletteArena is a complete enterprise purchase-to-payment suite, enabling users to achieve significant, measurable cost savings and efficiency gains in processing supplier invoices and purchase orders.  It includes the PaletteInvoice, PaletteBuyer, PaletteContract and PaletteSupplier Portal products, giving a web-based end-to-end solution that improves invoice management from receipt to payment.  It integrates easily with accounting, information and business systems to automate and streamline accounts payable activity across the organisation