OB10 now supports ZUGFeRD

OB10 now supports ZUGFeRD

Posted by Pete Loughlin in AP Automation, e-invoicing, Electronic Invoicing 21 Mar 2013

No, it’s not a Las Vegas magic act. ZUGFeRD is a PDF invoice standard developed by a consortium of players including the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the Federal Ministry of the Interior specifically to support the use of electronic invoices amongst SMEs.

The standard will help more small-to-medium-sized enterprises benefit from electronic invoicing by sharing structured invoice data within a PDF invoice. ZUGFeRD ensures the file complies with legal requirements, and can be easily read and processed without manual intervention. A PDF invoice alone is as prone to errors and compliance failures as a paper invoice.

OB10 was an active member of ‘working group AP 1 on business processes’ established by the German Electronic Invoicing Forum (FeRD). The forum created the basis of the standard with key stakeholders from the e-Invoicing market and industry associations.

“The definition of the ZUGFeRD standard is a major contribution to the adoption of e-Invoicing in Europe,” said Dr Donovan Pfaff, CEO, Bonpago and head of the working group “We focused on defining the processes and value-added services required to establish electronic documents in daily life. The group was very pleased to benefit from OB10’s experience.”

OB10 customers can already make use of the standard. “ZUGFeRD, in conjunction with OB10, brings compliant, straight-through processing to PDF invoices, which are used by many SMEs,” said Markus Hornburg, Managing Director, OB10 Germany. “We are the first global service provider to support its development and are delighted to offer it to our network members.”

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