e-invoicing – think global, act local

e-invoicing – think global, act local

Operating on a global basis can be tough. American companies trying to port solutions across the pond for example, find out very quickly that what works in the US does doesn’t necessarily fit in Europe. Just because we speak the same language (almost) and just because we have a similar culture, doesn’t mean the local idiosyncrasies can be ignored. And this is especially true with e-invoicing. The rules for e-invoicing are different from country to country. Even within the European Community where the rules are supposed to be the same – they’re different.

A global solution has to accommodate local needs. That’s why it’s good to see Tradeshift continue to grow globally by thinking local.

Purchasing Insight logoTradeshift have just announced a further two languages to their platform. With the addition of Italian and Swedish Tradeshift reckon that their platform can now be used by more than a billion native speakers around the world.

“From day one, Tradeshift has understood that creating a product suppliers want to use benefits both them and uptake for the enterprises that put it at the heart of their supply chain,” explained Christian Lanng, CEO at Tradeshift. “That’s why we’ve made online invoicing free. That’s why we released CloudScan® and Instant Payments. But localization is an equally important part of making this a daily tool for the millions of small businesses out there.”

“We work in a truly global marketplace and, here at Tradeshift, that’s in our blood. We have offices in five countries and customers in over 190 and are dedicated to providing any user with the very best experience using Tradeshift and language support is a fundamental part of making that possible,” concluded Lanng.

Think global – act local. It’s the attention to detail and respect for the diverse nature of the their global customers that will stand Tradeshift in good stead as it continues to extend its global reach.