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Former colleagues are like buses

Posted by Pete Loughlin in The Rest

You wait for ages without meeting any then two turn up at once. I had a rush of reacquaintances some time ago. I met Mike Zealley, a former colleague from KPMG with whom I had the pleasure of working very closely about 15 years ago….

Managing the supply chain risk in Europe – supply chain finance should be taken more seriously

Posted by Pete Loughlin in Financial Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Finance, The Rest, Vendor Risk Management, Working Capital Management

Critical components in your supply chain are at risk – and you may not even know it. There are numerous points of failure in today’s complex supply chains and because of the difficulty that upstream suppliers have funding their business from day to day, the…

Suppliers gain from pension pain – an alternative approach to supply chain finance?

Posted by John Mardle in Financial Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Finance, The Rest

This week we’re delighted to welcome John Mardle as a guest writer. John delivers CashPerform’s working capital optimisation programme and brings a new perspective to the supply chain finance discussion. The level of trade finance required today globally outstrips what can be achieved even by syndications…