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A new year and a new look

Posted by Pete Loughlin in The Rest

Purchasing Insight is now in its 7th year and as we approach our 100th issue of Purchasing Insight Extras, we thought it was about time we refreshed our look and feel. We’re really pleased with the contemporary, clean look that’s mirrored in the new look…

Nipendo reaches a remarkable P2P milestone

Posted by Pete Loughlin in The Rest

Nipendo has announced a new milestone marking the rapid adoption of the company’s Supplier Cloud platform by buyer and supplier organizations, exceeding one million automated procure-to-pay transactions per month. With streamlined onboarding and a range of free to low-cost supplier connectivity options, buyer organizations working…

Former colleagues are like buses

Posted by Pete Loughlin in The Rest

You wait for ages without meeting any then two turn up at once. I had a rush of reacquaintances some time ago. I met Mike Zealley, a former colleague from KPMG with whom I had the pleasure of working very closely about 15 years ago….