Purchase to Pay

Why Big Bang can be a big mistake

Posted by Pete Loughlin in Purchase to Pay

The are some system implementations which require a big bang approach – when the system goes live, everyone flips from old world to new world at the same time.  There are risks of course and properly resourced post go live support is essential to iron…

The End of Projects in Accounts Payable

Posted by Anna Gburczyk-Shraga in AP Automation, Purchase to Pay

Today, a post from Anna Gburczyk-Shraga. Anna is a Business Process Transformation leader. She specialises in complex end-to-end improvement programmes for global organisations, in particular in Finance systems and processes. She holds an executive MBA from London Business School, is a champion of Lean Six…

Taking a simplistic approach to P2P

Posted by Pete Loughlin in Purchase to Pay

It’s a feature of youth and inexperience that we think we know everything. Perhaps not absolutely everything but until we understand how much there is yet to learn we can be inappropriately confident about what we think we know. I was reminded of this recently…