Close encounters of a celebrity kind in New York

Close encounters of a celebrity kind in New York

Travel is always an adventure and I love coming home with tales to tell of unexpected encounters and once in a lifetime experiences. In New York this week, I was absolutely thrilled to find myself amongst a bunch of paparazzi at JFK waiting to shoot Anne Hathaway. Seriously – I was in Gotham City and Cat Woman bumps into me. But that was nothing. I also got to meet Susie West.


For those who don’t know Susie she runs which, amongst other things, runs some of the best trade conferences in the world. I’ve known Susie for a few years and we spent an hour or so sharing war stories and discussing the future. Susie’s been UK based for years but she’s increasingly spending time in New York were she’s beginning to develop the USA market. That’s great news for Susie – New York is such a great place – but it also great news for America. The format of her conferences are quite exceptional and superb for both attendees and sponsors alike.

And just thinking about it – there’s more than a passing resemblance between Susie West and Anne Hathaway – striking good looks and both very “English” – and it occurred to me, you never see them in the same room together.

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